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Let's talk product

Hermes is primarily focused on selling digital goods using cryptocurrency. Hermes works as a bot in telegram messenger. It has a simple but intuitive control panel. Support for different cryptocurrencies and multilingual support.


Fully automated process. You don't have to participate. Hermes will automatically check the course and issue an invoice. Check the receipt of funds and will issue the goods to the customer.

Full control

Hermes reusable wallet addresses for transactions that you create yourself. The server will not store your private keys but only wallet addresses. You have complete control over your finances.

Full version $159

The full version will be assembled according to your wishes. You will have a choice of languages and cryptocurrencies. Increased security and additional features in the control panel.

Let's talk about technology

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Through messages, users interact with a bot that sells your products and services. The seller and the buyer can remain anonymous.

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Linux OS
debian, ubuntu, fedora ..

Digital goods must be well protected! Linux is by far the most reliable platform in the world. All technologies used in the development of Hermes bot are reliable and open source: Nginx, .Net Core, Linux

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bitcoin, etherium, litecoin, dash, zcash ..

Cryptocurrencies are not like any other asset. They use blockchain technology, new to humanity, which has made them a competitive alternative to bank transfers, electronic payment systems, and even government money.

What we offer you

Hermes Light


Status: alpha version

Limitations in the free version are not significant

Ideal for a small digital goods store! Included are two of your favorite languages and one cryptocurrency to accept payments.

Tech support


Email help on launch and setup

You should already have VPS / Server - on Linux

If you trust us, our specialist will configure everything himself.

Hermes Pro


Status: in development

The standard version which includes five languages and five cryptocurrencies.

The functionality is expanded and encryption options are included.

Hermes Extra


Status: in development

The functionality is expanded and encryption options are included.

Change functionality to your needs. The price is negotiable and is discussed individually. But not less than $ 159